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My husband (Stefan) and I (Bénédicte) have always been very fond of skiing. Of course we transmitted the vibe towards our three children. Skiing was and is therefore our most precious "family business". That was the reason that we decided in 2014 to go into search for our dream chalet. After many years of discovering all those terrific ski area's in the alps end beyond we selected les 4 vallées as our top ski domain! No problem to experience héli-ski sensation without a héli!

At that stage the area to look for a chalet was selected....

Second requirement was: the chalet needed to cater for many guests: We hope to be able to ski far into our eighties, so we need to have enough space for our children and grand children. Besides that we have of course many friends who equally love to ski, so... the chalet needed at least six bedrooms, as many private bathrooms and preferably large surrounding terraces to enjoy the breathtaking sceneries during winter and summertime. We found our dream chalet and baptized it: chalet buffalo, a quite unusual name for a suisse chalet. The African twist originates from my land of birth: Congo. I inherited the stuffed animals and skulls, that you will find all over the chalet, of my parents who lived in Congo for 5 years. We thought they would have a nice destination in our holiday retreat.

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